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Home Inspection

It is imperative to get your home inspected before moving into the residence. Your newly constructed home may appear to be in good shape, but there might be some issues in areas you cannot see.

If it’s a new build, the contractors may have taken building shortcuts to get the job done quickly. If it isn’t a new build, the seller of the home might not be giving you the whole story. It might be hard to believe that anyone would do such a thing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The only way to make sure your home is in top-notch condition is to get your home inspected by professionals.


  • Competent and trustworthy professionals inspecting every inch of your new home.
  • Unmatched knowledge of residential structures derived from extensive construction experience.
  • Local home inspection specialists that are here when you need them.

The checklist we use meets and exceeds the national standards, so it is very thorough. Our home inspections starts by examining the exterior of the home. We will inspect the exterior stucco, wood siding, windows and doors, driveways, sidewalks and drainage . Furthermore we will investigate the roofs condition, it’s style along with its defects and deficiencies . We will professionally document all of our findings in writing with full-color photographs.

We will visually evaluate the condition of the homes rain gutter system or lack of rain gutters and report on those results.

The interior of the home will be completely inspected, including walls, floors, ceiling, interior doors and finishes.

The interior of the home will be scanned using FlIR forward-looking infrared technology to identify defects and deficiencies such as concealed leaks missing insulation and sub standard construction.

The home’s attic and crawl spaces will be extensively inspected and documented. All of the homes operating systems will be thoroughly investigated and tested, including the plumbing, electrical, heating and air-conditioning.

Examination of all the homes safety devices such as smoke detectors and AFCI & GFCI outlets, every toilet, sink, shower and tub will be tested for operation, leaks and drain quality. Your kitchen appliances will be tested and evaluated for condition, cleanliness and operation.

We can also perform a sewer line inspection at your request for an additional fee to identify defects and deficiencies that would be normally concealed underground.

All of the garage and laundry utility areas are included at no extra cost. The garage door mechanism and operator will be rigorously tested for safety and operation. With Home Inspection Specialists, we take as much time as needed to properly document the home’s defects and deficiencies. We take pride in delivering the homes findings and answering all of your questions. While some inspectors limit their inspections to only 2 hours of inspection time. There is no limit with us. You get what you pay for.  All findings will reported and sent to you by email by the next business day and in some cases the same day.

As a certified mold tester and with our years of experience I do know what a problem mold can be. We arrive at every inspection with mold testing equipment so if requested we can test for mold on the spot and have the results back to you in as little as 2 days in some cases. We use some of the latest technology available like sewer line cameras, FLIR Infrared cameras, AFCI/GFCI tester, combustible gas detector, Moisture Meter and more.

Home Maintenance Inspection

As a homeowner, you know protecting your home’s value and keeping things in good repair is a priority. There are some things that you can keep up with to ensure that they remain in good shape, but there are others that require a professional to assess and check up on routinely to make sure everything is working properly. That’s what Home Inspection Specialists are here for.  We are here to help you maintain your home by keeping you informed of necessary repairs. We can also help save you some money by showing you some easy way to make repairs yourself or maybe show you something that may not be necessary quite yet.

11 Month Warranty Inspection

We recommend that a home inspection be performed during the eleventh month from the date sold for all new homes. New homes and condominiums have rights for up to 10 years on many of the home’s systems and components pursuant to California Civil Code Sections 895 to 945.5. The first year of a Builder’s warranty period is particularly important as the Builder has responsibility for a broader range of defects during the first 12 months after purchase. After a new home has been lived in for nearly a year, there can be signs of system or component malfunction, unusual wear and settlement which often go unnoticed by the homeowner.

Pre-Listing Inspection

When you’re selling your home there are a ton of things that you have to consider. Let Home Inspections Specialists take the worry of liability off your plate by providing a home inspection. We can let you know what needs to be fixed and once you fix it we can re-inspect your home once all the repairs are made you can  close escrow faster and with confidence  Our years of experience in general contracting make us the right choice.

Pool Spa Inspections

We Will Inspect:

  • The Pool, spa, and normally necessary and present equipment such as: pumps, heaters, filters, lights, timers and time clocks, ladders, railings related mechanical and electrical connections.
  • Enclosures, fencing, barriers, and related gates.
  • Decks, patios, and adjoining structures and drainage related to the inspected pool or spa.

We Will Describe:

  • Type of pool or spa examined (Concrete, Vinyl lined, Fiberglass, Above ground, etc).
  • Conditions limiting or otherwise inhibiting inspection, such as water clarity
  • Condition of visible portions of systems, structures, or components

We Will Report:

  • Pool and spa finish condition, including pool shell cracks if visible.
  • Cracked, broken, or missing waterline tiles
  • Defective or unsafe pumps, heaters, filter housings, main drain covers, and related mechanical and electrical connections.
  • Missing or damaged safety barrier components around the pool.
  • Excessive settlement of the pool deck
  • Inadequate drainage of the pool deck.
Why Choose Home Inspection Specialists

Why Choose Us?

Home Inspection Specialists were a pleasure to work with. We worked with Shaun who went out of his way to inform us and give us numerous options on how we could approach the mold and mildew problem that we discovered. We strongly recommend them and will use them for future projects. Thanks Shaun!!!

Greg P.

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