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Home Inspection Specialists at Work

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Home Inspection Specialists at Work

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Home Inspection Specialists at Work

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WHY CHOOSE THE Home Inspection Specialists?

When you need an experienced home inspector, the inspection professionals at Home Inspections Specialists are here for you. We can make sure that the home you’re selling or the home you’re moving into receives a thorough inspection.


Home Inspection Specialists has a strong background in construction, which does well for any prospective customer. Through our expertise in residential home building and general construction, we are familiar with the ins-and-outs of any structure.

Home Inspection Specialists knows where to look and can identify problem areas that other inspectors may overlook or dismiss as unproblematic. We know how homes are built, so we know where to look for potential problems.

When you need an experienced home inspector on the central coast and southern California areas, contact Home Inspection Specialists.

Every assessment given by our team of licensed professionals is in-depth and thorough. We give every element, from the roof to the basement, a quality assessment. We go beyond the the standards set by the home inspection associations to make sure that your home has had a complete inspection. We use the latest technology to perform every inspection like a sewer line cameras and infrared cameras.

Home Inspection Specialists can perform a mold inspection on your home. Our inspectors are certified mold inspectors and know how to detect unhealthy and harmful levels of mold in any home.

If you are in need of a home inspector and/or a mold inspector for your home and want quality, in-depth home inspection services give us a call at 1-844-443-3322 today!

Water Damage
Water Damage
Water Damage
Why Choose Home Inspection Specialists

Why Choose Us?

Home Inspection Specialists were a pleasure to work with. We worked with Shaun who went out of his way to inform us and give us numerous options on how we could approach the mold and mildew problem that we discovered. We strongly recommend them and will use them for future projects. Thanks Shaun!!!

Greg P.

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